And it is becoming more and more important for them to not only improve their camera hardware but also their Android camera app. But no matter how much effort they put in their offering, no one app is the Jack of all trades. So here is our list of Top 5 Android Camera Apps that you can use instead of your phones built-in one:

1. Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 is one of the best substitute Android camera apps you can download. It is feature packed and provides full manual controls for those of us who like to have more control over their camera’s output.

What it does best

Full manual controls like ISO, Focus, Exposure Compensation, White Balance and even Shutter SpeedEasy to use, intuitive interface

Where it falls short

The free version is very limited and only exports low quality photos

Download Camera FV-5

2. Bacon Camera

Don’t judge this Android camera app by its name. We are not kidding, this is a really good alternative to your phones built-in app. The apps promise of providing manual controls for devices that don’t even support Google’s Camera 2 API is a big deal for owners of older devices.

What it does best

Full manual controls like ISO, Shutter speed, Manual Focus, White Balance correction and Exposure CompensationAbility to save photos in RAW and DNG formatsGIF and Panorama support built-in

Where it falls short

RAW and DNG support only available for devices that support these formats natively

Download Bacon Camera

3. Camera MX

If all you want is a simple, easy to use Android camera app, look no further than the oldest guy on our list. Camera MX is one of the oldest camera app offerings on the Play Store. It boasts easy to use controls and doesn’t require any tinkering with the settings to get good results.

What it does best

GIF mode to make GIF inside the appDifferent shooting modes for different occasionsPhoto editor comes bundled in the app

Where it falls short

No manual controls for more avid users

Download Camera MX

4. Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro is one of the most feature packed Android camera apps available. It offers various manual controls as well as live analytics to cater to the most avid of smartphone photographers. Although it is relatively new, the app already has a cult following.

What it does best

Manual controls allow for extremely fine tuning of photosLive analytical data like a Histogram and RGB controlDual exposure slider

Where it falls short

No free version and the paid version costs more than the competition

Download Filmic Pro

5. Google Camera

Google’s official camera app promises ease of use coupled with some nifty features. The app is the same one as found on most of the company’s devices. it boasts a clean design, intuitive interface and most importantly its absolutely free.

What it does best

Handy features like Video Stabilization, Lens Blur, and even slow motion on supported devicesNice, clean design

Where it falls short

No full manual controlsWorks only on devices running Android 7.1 or later

Download Google Camera As evident from our list, there is no shortage of amazing Android camera apps that can substitute the one on your phone right now. No matter what your preference is, there is something out there in the Play Store waiting for you. Found any app that you think should be featured on our list? Drop us a comment down below.