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Here are our top 5 choices of Linux desktop distros, which give a little look like macOS. The below list has numbers to count only, they don’t denote any order or priority.

1. Elementry OS

Elementry OS is the best Linux distribution that looks like Mac OS. You will get the best look here which will feel like using Mac. Just like Mac, this OS is made for privacy. Therefore, you will get the features just like the Mac. The icons on the below screen will give you a proper feeling just like the Mac. Therefore, you will get the same feeling as Mac. Further, few other things make it interesting. We will see more about it as we move further. Elementary will combine the look of Mac and there is a bit of Windows touch. Let’s accept the fact, Windows has many great screens that are worth having a look at. Here, you will get all of them. Therefore, this is one of the best distributions that look like Mac OS. There are many more features like the file explorer is just like Windows. Further, you will also get a multitasking view. Therefore, the features are also the same and you can surely go with this if you want. You will get the exact Mac-like feel here. System Requirements: The basic system requirements to install the latest version are as follow:

4 GB RAM Intel i3 15 GB SSD Stable internet connection

2. Deepin Linux

The next best Linux alternative to Mac OS will be Deepin Linux. Deepin Linux is one of the most customizable versions of Linux. It has a beautiful icon bar at the bottom that will include all the top features. It has a complete line of icons and the good thing is that you can modify it as per your choice. This is how you can easily make things faster. Now, when it comes to the Linux distro, it’s completely customizable. You can customize it as per your choice and have the looks as per your need. Further, it’s known for being one of the most reliable distributions of Linux. Deepin has their custom software for the file manager and many other things. Therefore, you will get a better feeling about the Linux distro. They have made sure that everything looks beautiful. Luckily, it matches the Mac OS. Things like Deepin Installer are added here. All these combined will give you the perfect look just like you use your Macbook. There are all the Linux features present here. As a result, you can surely rely on this. You can try out this operating system if you want something like just Mac. System Requirements: A Deepin Linux desktop edition minimum system requirements is:

CPU: Intel Pentium IV 2GHz or higher Memory: more than 2G RAM, Recommended 4G or higher Disk: Approx 25 GB free disk space.

3. Zorin OS

Zorin OS is a combination of Mac and Windows. If you want a mixed feeling of both of these operating systems, here is the choice for you. Don’t worry, you can surely choose one theme and it will apply that layout. For instance, the free version has the basic layout but if you want to apply the Mac layout, you will have to pay a small fee for the same. This is the reason why you will get both of the feelings. Most people use this only to experience the Mac OS. As it’s a paid layout, you can expect the best things from the appearance. Their main target audience is also the Mac users or the people who want to get the Mac-type feeling in one of the Linux distributions. In that case, you can choose Zorin OS. Further, the paid version is not just about the layout, you will also get many more things. You will get a subscription to games, apps, and you will also get premium installation support. For beginners, this will help you a lot. You can get started with Linux and if there is something wrong, you can ask support about it. System Requirements: The basic system requirements to install the latest version are as follow:

CPU: 1 GHz Dual Core – Intel/AMD 64-bit processor RAM: 2GB or more Disk: 10 GB (Core & Education) or 20 GB (Ultimate) Display: 800 × 600 resolution minimum

4. Ubuntu Budgie

If you love Mac and wanted something similar to Mac, you might have tried the Ubuntu OS, right? Ubuntu has got a bit feeling about the Mac but we still can’t say for sure that it’s the best alternative for Mac OS, right? If that’s what you are feeling, this version of Ubuntu is for you. Ubuntu Budgie is the Linux distribution that combines the vibes of Ubuntu and Mac OS. As people know that Ubuntu is very much similar to the Mac OS. Just a few things are missing. The few missing things are completed by Ubuntu Budgie. Ubuntu Budgie has made sure that users get almost the same interface as Mac OS. This is why there are many great features here which are worth checking out. As it is an Ubuntu-based OS, you will not have to worry about usage. The usage is simple and suited for beginners. Anyone with a bit of knowledge about Linux can operate this Ubuntu Budgie. You can surely try this out yourself. The settings panel is from where you can make most of the change. Make sure you go with the ultimate version if you want the Mac look. System Requirements: The basic system requirements to install the Ubuntu Budgi are as follow:

CPU: 64-bit capable Intel and AMD processors RAM: 4GB or more

5. Solus

Solus is a decent OS that looks exactly like the Mac. If you are a mac user, you might be getting a lot of notifications, right? Let’s admit that the notification center in the Mac is the best. This feature is available in very few Linux distributions. You see where this is going, right? Here, in the Solus OS, you will also get the notification center same as Mac OS. Therefore, you can start getting notifications from a beautiful notification bar. Well, the notification bar is not the only thing that you will get here. There are many great features you will get here. The Solus OS comes with a beautiful budgie view that will make it look the entire OS more awesome. You will also get the sidebar just like Mac. You can add different widgets there to give it a better look. Moreover, you will also get the bottom icon bar where you can add all the icons. A few icons come default and you can add the rest of them as per your choice. So, this is another good OS you can use as an alternative to Mac. System Requirements: The basic system requirements to install the Ubuntu Budgi are as follow:

CPU: 64-bit processors RAM: 2GB or more Disk: A minimimum 10GB of SSD/HDD

Final Words

To conclude, these are some of the best Linux distributions that look like Mac OS. All of them are great and you can use any of them. There is more such OS that you can try out. However, many such operating systems are not updated for a long time. We don’t want to risk your system. Even though Linux is safe but it’s always a better idea to get a Linux distro that is updated regularly. The main point is that if you are getting better then why settle for less? That’s why we suggest you use one of these operating systems if you want the same feeling as Mac. Most of them are free to download and use. You can head over to their official website and download the ISO file from there.