However, with so much out there, how can one keep up with all the various outlets, journalists, and their stories? The App Store is full of different news apps from different companies. Of course not all the apps are best ones. That said, below are our top picks for the best news apps. These apps will ensure you always know what is going on in the world.


Reddit is often called the front page of the internet, and we think that is a fairly accurate statement. According to Alexa (a site that provides web traffic data), Reddit is the 5th most popular website in the USA and is in the top 20 on the entire planet. If that isn’t enough, Reddit gets a whopping 8 Billion pages views each and every month. Reddit is organized in a way so that its users can submit content of all kinds. This content is then upvoted or downvoted to decide how much exposure the post will get, site-wide. Whether the topic is politics, sports, music, movies, science or anything in between, the discussions are full of great points from both sides, experts who often weigh in and even the odd silly or funny comment to lighten the mood. One of the most popular types of content being posted in news stories from around the world. You can be sure that a few seconds after a news story breaks from almost any publication or source around the world, someone will have started a thread about it (with a link to the source) on Reddit. Even if there is no big or breaking news stories, Reddit is still extremely valuable if you want to learn, be entertained and anything in between. Download Appstore, Google Play


Feedly is an RSS reader. That means you can pull from a variety of sites and sources. The goal is to build your own news network from places that you trust. It comes with integration with Facebook, IFTTT, Twitter, Evernote, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others. Additionally, you can access your feed on your mobile phone or on your computer with their website. Download Appstore, Google Play


Flipboard is among the most popular news aggregate apps on the market. It works a lot like Feedly. You can create a custom feed with your favorite news sources, sites, and other places. Whether you love sports, love politics, love movies or love celebrity gossip, Flipboard can make sure you always have some articles to read, collect and share with your friends. You can even create group magazines so you and a number of other people can collaborate together to make an amazing source for all your favorite news. It also has additional features for things like discovery. The app is also completely free to download and use. Download Appstore, Google Play


Whether you like to frequent the most popular sources for news one the net, or a very niche blog, this app will likely be able to find it for you. This app plucks its content from over 100,00 different sources. When you first begin on this app, it will ask you to choose the news topics, sources, individuals and companies that you want to follow. As a result, you will receive a constant flow of news from those places you listed. You can search for your favorite topics or publications/sources and then make a list so the app will know which type of news and content you want to see. You can even connect your social media accounts to the app to make it more intelligent about what you like and want to read. Download Appstore


Inoreader, a news reader that you can customize to your tastes. It includes 28 pre-made topics for those who don’t want to dig and find their own sources. The app features offline support, a decent selection of topics, and it’ll track what you read. It’s a lot like Feedly and completely free. Download Appstore, Google Play

Google News and Weather

Google is one of the premier technology companies in the world. This app gives you a comprehensive look at the headlines, news, and weather that matters the most to you. But instead of making you read each and every article in full, you can scroll through headlines first to find what interests you. It’s a fine news and weather app. Download Appstore, Google Play

Yahoo News Digest

Yahoo’s $30 million acquisition of Summly was all about redesigning News Digest, and the finished product is a marvel. It offers 10 of the top stories in your region, capitalizing on Summly’s artificial intelligence technology as it does to present the information in a tidy package. The news changes every few hours, too, giving you important updates throughout the day. Download Appstore, Google Play


Pocket is a unique app that doesn’t offer content. The popular app lets you store news for later reading, and offers a simple user interface that lets find the articles you saved, bookmark them, and archive others you want to come back to. You’ll no doubt find something on Twitter or Facebook or in a chat that you can’t read right now. You can stuff that into Pocket. Download Appstore, Google Play Did we miss anything? Tell us in comments, share your favorite apps, Thanks!