Below are some of the best and most popular SMS / Texting apps for android other than Facebook messenger and whatsapp. Check them out and comment to share your views.


WeChat is best for expanding your network, it is just like all the other Messengers but the thing which distinguish WeChat from other Messengers is, it expands your network with potential contacts who are nearby. Using friend radar you can find friends and you can Meetup with them. If you are looking for a new friend WeChat will help you once you see people nearby you can chat with them.


Go SMS is a popular texting app on Android. It has some extra features and unlimited themes support, some cool features include SMS blocking, dual SIM support, delayed text sending and many others. It also includes emojis and stickers like The Messengers. Go SMS protect your privacy you can send private and encrypted messages to your friends. It is a cool texting app and free to download.

Google Hangouts

In Android 4.4 KitKat Google hangouts is interchangeable messaging app. It is a messaging service, like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp and others. It is a combination of SMS and IM app because it handles both features. Hangouts is above average with Google MMS support, nice and simple interface. Using hangouts you can send your location to your friends. In addition Google hangout integrates with Google+ just like Facebook messenger interacts with Facebook.

Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is another popular app for texting on android. It has material design with many cool features like emojis, pass code app lock, privacy options, message lock, quick reply in notifications, MMS and group messaging. It also supports pushbullet and Android wear compatibility.

Evolve SMS

Evolve SMS has now turned into one of the best Android texting apps. Evolve SMS is featured with full multimedia support audio, video and GIFs. Customisable notifications and password protection are additional features. It also supports themes, in fact it is an SMS app with everything.


My SMS is a famous app not on Android only but it is also available for windowa, Mac which is great. It has features like group messages, MMS, backup support, Dropbox and Google drive but some advance features are not free they’ll need you to pay just 9.99US $ per year. Hope you like our collection of best SMS and Texting Apps for Android. Comment below to share you views. Please share it and subscribe. Sharing buttons are below and subscription box is at the end.