Lucky for us, he shares them and some of their spectacular features in a video posted under the TikTok handle @noelmulk0.


“Bro, this guy is too athletic,” writes a commenter. “How do you get the money to buy all of that?” wonders another. “Goggles with a screen!” a reader exclaims. “I’m a competitive swimmer and my other swimmer friends and I always talk about this! I didn’t know it was real.” This viewer of the video has a couple questions. “Are your earbuds water proof? Like can you swim in them?” “Those goggles are sick,” states one. Another user has a question. “Are you allowed to listen to music while competing in an ironman?” “Day Two of saying how grateful I am for your parents for raising such a king smart, cool person,” says a big fan. “I had a pair of Jaybirds as my first Bluetooth headphones,” a viewer says. “I actually really recommend the brand!” “I don’t know if you’ve answered this already but do you have a job?” asks a user. “It seems like you spend your whole day working out so I was wondering!” Recommended for you

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