Alas, there really is no end to the list of methods one can find to soak a phone. If your phone has a significant water encounter, but is still able to function, it is important not to breathe a sigh of relief too early. Water inside a phone can take time to do its damage. That’s because initially the water can simply be inside the phone’s speakers, but in time can drain into more critical areas and cause the phone to short circuit.  For iPhones, TikTok user kaansanity explains a precaution you can take before your device becomes waterlogged. When the seemingly inevitable event happens, your phone will be prepared to take evasive action. First, be sure you have the Shortcuts app (which you can download from the App Store) installed on your iPhone. Then, search for “Water Eject” on your favorite search engine and download it to your phone. Now when you say to Siri, “Water Eject shortcut” your iPhone speakers will play a long low bass note that will expel water from your speakers. Be sure to test this (without the water, of course) before it becomes necessary. You may get an error message about your phone not being able to verify the shortcut. If this happens, go to Shortcuts Settings and allow “Untrusted Shortcuts.” If your phone gets wet and power is already disrupted to your phone (meaning you can’t turn it on), experts recommend not trying to charge it right away as the electricity can react to the water and intensify the water damage immediately. Tips on drying your phone can be found here.

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