The latest update to Twitter that has users slightly confused, is a change to usernames. This change involves a pink microphone and matching username. If you’re wondering what this change means, how it works, and how to get it, you’ve come to the right place. Below we’ll take a look at this new feature, including the good, the bad, and user feedback.

What does it look like?

The new icon features a hot pink/red microphone beside a hot pink/red Twitter username, and replaces the traditional grey used in most areas of Twitter. This icon only appears in certain places on Twitter, and appears when an individual tweet is clicked.

Theories about the Twitter Pink Microphone

As this new feature has only appeared in the last few days, there are still many different theories on what exactly this pink microphone signifies. Some of the theories include: @SusannahBirch

The user is live in Twitter spaces. The user has a high engagement ratio. The user is testing a new paid Twitter feature. The user has a subscription option. The user is a verified singer.

So, what IS the purpose of the new Twitter Pink Microphone?

There is a simple explanation for this new feature. The microphone icon is used to designate the Original Poster (known as the ‘OP’) of the thread. Whenever the OP replies to the Twitter thread, people will be able to clearly see that the original creator is replying. This will show that person’s authority to comment, and in some cases their expertise on the topic. This feature is useful, because many subthreads develop on popular tweets. Being able to identify the OP will make it easier for them to manage and guide their Twitter conversations. The microphone will only show on individual Twitter threads; it won’t show in the newsfeed. To see it, you’ll need to click and view an individual tweet.

How do you get the Twitter Pink Microphone?

Currently, the icon is only available on select mobile devices. @TaylorSwift13 As the microphone designates the original poster, it’s not limited to a certain type of user; in fact, everyone’s username appears pink on mobile platforms where this has been rolled out. If you want to see this feature, simply click on any tweet in your timeline, and if it’s been rolled out to your account, you’ll see it. If you’re still not seeing the pink microphone, there are several options:

Update your app from the App Store or Play Store Click on the permalink of a tweet (it won’t appear in newsfeeds) Wait for it to be rolled out to your account if you can’t see it yet; if you have multiple accounts, some may have this feature while others may not. Check if it’s available in your country. Some features are rolled out by location.

What do Twitter users think?

With the feature only newly rolling out across Twitter, there are mixed opinions on this new feature. Some of the feedback includes:

What’s the point? The colour is too bright and doesn’t match Twitter’s current colour scheme. It seems like a copy of the Tik Tok feature. It’s ugly and doesn’t work. It’s too visually distinct. It’s useful for controversial conversations. It should be a different colour.

Where to from here?

Like many Social Media platforms, Twitter has a history of testing, adding, and removing features based on use and user feedback. They also roll certain features out by country, such as Twitter Blue in Australia, and Fleets in India. Like many features, the pink microphone is being rolled out slowly to different users. Once users adjust to this new feature, Twitter may leave it if it works well and adds usability to the platform. Alternatively, they may change and adjust it, or even remove it. It will be interesting to see what happens with this feature. Do you think it’s a good idea? Leave your feedback in the comments on whether you like this feature, and whether you think it will be useful.

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