Posted to TikTok by user @bryangotskills, the video below shows the lights, the confusion and the misunderstanding. Note there is a little adult language here during the surprise and laughter.


“You should have said, ‘yeah, but I’m not stopping,’” jokes commenter @wagnermatos89. “That would have been funny,” agrees @official.bobsmokey. “He knows the rules,” writes @youngwolf92, “Don’t look back.” “I would laugh all the way home,” says @marvi_marvelous. User @arcticamber enjoys the moment, remarking, “I love when you can have a genuine laugh with a stranger.” “He should have told him to be quiet and then start speeding up,” suggests @domikoloni. Viewer of the video @ethixmusic surmises about a similar approach. “I would have replied with, ‘Are you buckled in? Hold on!’” he says. Reader @yura88_ sums it up like this: “I like the good vibes,” she says. Recommended For You

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