The Ubuntu team has announced the latest release of Ubuntu 17.10. This is a non LTS release of its series.

Ubuntu 17.10 Codename

Ubuntu 17.10 codename is finalized to Artful Aardvark. The artful means clever or skillful and Aardvark is known as “earth pig” generally found in Africa in the desert of Sahara.

Ubuntu 17.10 Release Schedule

The final release of Ubuntu 17.10 is available now. The regular Ubuntu users must be aware of the new upcoming release of Ubuntu 17.10 codename “Artful Aardvark“. Also, this is not too hard to guess the release month and year for any Ubuntu release. In the example of Ubuntu 17.10 which is releasing in Oct 2017. If you see closely, you will find that Ubuntu version 17 (The Year 2017) and 10( Month October). You can find the complete schedule of Ubuntu 17.10 “Artful Aardvark” of its official website.

Whats New in Ubuntu 17.10?

Ubuntu team is focusing on changing Default desktop for this release.

  1. Desktop Environment – Since 2011 Ubuntu versions were shipping with Unity desktop. But now Ubuntu team is switching to GNOME Desktop as default desktop environment and using GDM as default display manager.
  2. Dialog buttons – The minimize, maximize and close buttons on dialog boxes or Windows shifted back to right side. From many last version of Ubuntu, they were coming on left size.
  3. GDM – Genome Display Manager will be default display manager for Ubuntu 17.10. This is because of this Ubuntu version is coming with GNOME desktop environment.
Ubuntu 17 10 Release Date and Features   TecAdmin - 96