The tech community has seen these VR devices become flashpoints for debate, based on utility, price, and the domino effect of potential consequences. Of course, a major platform for these discussions is social media. Tiktok creator @carterpcs posted an unboxing review for a new Meta VR headset, and, well people had opinions to share.  The commenters didn’t hold back. Many, like Jnag, who said, “It looks cool but not $1500 cool,” were a bit fazed by the steep cost. “my main complaint is with the matte finish and the glossy part, that thing is going to be covered in fingerprints within a few hours,” noted the hooded hobo. recalibratedbanana provided some perspective with this comment, “the quest pro is essentially a developer kit, a stepping stone for a cheaper better headset in the future.” This is a really interesting snapshot for the state of technology and the next steps to further blending of digital experiences with everyday life. In the past, price points for internet or devices have been accessible to most consumers, while social media platforms are usually free. High-priced devices can not only hamper development, but it can also create new problems for these companies that cannot be solved with just a new gadget or algorithm.