Flashing custom roms need a rooted device with recovery installed on it like clockworkmod and TWRP recovery. Rooting Android device is a bit risky process but if you are aware of custom roms installation it is a piece of cake and if you are a newbie do it under the supervision of someone familiar with it. Follow this guide to update Note 3 to Marshmallow CM13.

Install CWM on Galaxy Note 3 Root Galaxy Note 3 Root Galaxy Note 3 Neo


Before proceeding to update Galaxy Note 3 to Marshmallow Cm13 Custom rom keep this instructions into account.


This tutorial is only for Samsung Galaxy Note 3, do not try this on any other device or else you may result in bricking your device. Flashing custom ROMs is unofficial and Voids device’s warranty so do it on your own Risk because in case of any mishap neither we droidopinions.com nor company will take responsibility. This method works with all models of Galaxy Note 3 which have snapdragon processor.

Download Required Files

Download these files on your PC as they write high internet speed. CM13 Marshmallow for Note 3 (Any model with snapdragon processor) Google Apps 6.0

Update Galaxy Note 3 to Marshmallow CM13 Rom, Steps

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