Modified from product page If you’re tired of using Wi-Fi monitors or your phone to watch your baby, then this is the baby cam for you. It doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection or app to download/setup, which guarantees 100% privacy for you and your baby. The monitor has a 5" LCD display with 1280 by 720p resolution, IR night vision, and PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) screen controls that’ll rotate your camera 360°. Additionally, the baby cam auto-pairs to your monitor and has a 1000 ft range. That means you can keep tabs on your baby whether you’re in the backyard, garage, basement, or if you have a two or three-level home. Finally, the cam has several sound/temperature sensors that can pick up 65-80 dbs of sound and low/high temperatures. When loud sounds or high/low temperatures are detected, you’ll get a bell alert notification on your monitor. And that’s just the start…come see what more there is to uncover (there’s a lot) and find out why parents are dying to score a feature packed video baby monitor like the Homiee.

Product Information

10 Things the Homiee Baby Monitor Does Right

The Homiee has so many features that customers are bound to fall in love with it. I’ve tested the monitor with several parents and here’s what they’ve enjoyed the most.

Top Ten Itty Bitty Pros

Large Screen Size With PTZ Controls Feeding Timers Night Vision Good Quality Screen VOX Mode Sound & Temperature Sensors Shortcuts 2-Way Audio Easy Setup With No Wi-Fi/App Needed 5 Lullabies

Large Screen Size With PTZ Controls

Parents loved the large 5" LCD screen because they could see their baby anytime they wanted. But they were even happier with the PTZ controls that could be controlled from the monitor. PTZ allows the camera to move side to side 360°, up and down 90°, and zoom in 2x (press OK button) so that parents can get a closer look of their child. Those combination of features were the first things parents noticed and they’re arguably the best things about the monitor.

Feeding Timers

A cool, new edition were the feeding timers that were absent from the older Homiee versions. The timers range from 2.5 to 5.5 hrs, and the timers will go off when it’s time to feed your baby. It’s a simple yet convenient feature that’s much appreciated.

Night Vision

The night vision may be better than day vision with a solid 12 ft range and no red glare to disrupt your child’s sleep. The visibility is quite good, which I was hoping for given your camera will likely be in this mode for most of the time.

Good Quality Screen

The 1280 x 720p HD screen looks better than I expected though it’s not the best. I was slightly disappointed in the lack of brightness, which I’ll address later. However, despite my problems with it, other parents saw no issues with the screen display. In fact, many praised how much detail it picked up, so I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with it.

VOX Mode

This is probably the most power efficient entry yet. VOX or power saving turns on when you short press the power button. Under this mode you’ll extend your monitor’s battery life to eight hours without sacrificing any of the important stuff like noise & temperature alerts/timers. And best of all, if the monitor picks up sound or movement, it’ll turn back on letting you know what’s going on and subsequently turn off again when the disturbance has subsided. You may also manually turn on/off VOX mode by short pressing the power button.

Sound & Temperature Sensors

The camera has sensors on the back that can accurately track the temperature levels in your baby’s room, and they’ve never been more precise. Seriously, the temperatures are within 1-2F of the actual value, which is far more reliable than the sensor of the older video monitor. You can see the temperature on the top right-hand side of your monitor and you’ll receive an alert if it’s too high (above 86°F/30°C) or too low (below 59°F/15°C). And of course all monitors have sound alerts, which can be adjusted to your desired sensitivity from 65-80 dbs. I found the sound detection on this device to be particularly more reliable than other monitors I’ve tested. Note: All alerts can be silenced by pressing any button on the monitor.


The shortcuts are a simple way to change the volume or brightness of your monitor/camera. Just press the physical “Shortcut” key and move the up/down and left/right arrows to adjust the two settings. When you’re done, tap the shortcut key again to go back to display mode.

2-Way Audio

You can use the monitor as a walkie-talkie by pressing the “Talk” button whenever you want to talk to your baby. You’ll be able to hear them the whole time of course but they won’t hear you unless you hit that button. It’s a great way to communicate with your child, and many parents said talking through the cam helped calm their baby when they were crying or fussing about.

Easy Setup With No Wi-Fi/App Needed

The monitor has a local 2.4GHz connection for pairing and range but it doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection or any app to function. This makes it extremely secure and far more private than other Wi-Fi-enabled monitors. It also dictates quick setup since you won’t have to download anything, not to mention the cam & monitor are already paired out of the box. The only time you’ll have to do manual pairing is if you want to add additional cameras to the monitor (not available yet).

5 Lullabies

Parents love the lullaby options and they swear it puts their child to sleep. And upon reviewing this item, I was surprised by the variety and choices presented. They even have white noise configurations to get your baby to fall asleep faster. To access your lullabies, go into your menu and navigate towards the lullaby section. You can play/pause any of the lullabies of your choosing. Hopefully there’s one that your baby falls in love with.

3 Reasons Not to Buy Homiee Cam

There’s not a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t try this monitor yourself, but there are some that are worth mentioning.

Top Three Complaints

Too Pricey

Dim Screen

Hit or Miss Features

Too Pricey

That’s a little costly, though the majority of customers think it’s worth its value given the features provided, and I tend to agree. I would have preferred something closer to $100 but $120 isn’t so bad, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see it get discounted during the holidays or on other special occasions.

Dim Screen

Do I wish the screen resolution was a bit higher? Yes, but my biggest problem has more to do with the brightness settings. To me it just looks too dim; you really need a well lit room for it to look bright enough. Remember parents don’t just use monitors at night and there’s plenty of daytime sleeping babies, so I would’ve liked a better quality screen to match the excellent night vision mode.

Hit or Miss Features

Will everyone use sleep mode, lullabies, the feeding timers or even the included wall mount? Probably not. Is it good to have them? Maybe. Some parents love the lullabies, timers, etc., and some don’t, but I don’t think it’s bad to throw in as many features as possible. Not everyone will care about the temperature sensor or the mount but it’s not like they’re tacked-on additions. Still, if you’re someone who’s just looking for the basics, then this product may not be for you.

720p Homiee Video Baby Monitor: Final Review

It’s been a blast testing both versions of the Homiee video baby monitor and they each have their pros and cons, but I think everyone will find something they like. I give the 720P Homiee 5" LCD Video Baby Monitor 4 out of 5 stars. It’s packed with a ton of great hardware/software features that most will appreciate, the PTZ controls and 5" screen is praiseworthy, and things like VOX mode and the sound/temperature alerts are well integrated within the device. I think the cost could be lower and the screen could be brighter, but I’m willing to give those a pass because of everything else it does so well. Even little things like the monitor flip-out stand or the cam & monitor color array were very well done. So if you’re in the market for a multi-functional & highly secure baby monitor, then I’d strongly recommend giving the Updated 720p Homiee Video Baby Monitor a look.

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