To trigger the creation of artwork in one of these AI programs is to type a description of objects, people, environments, or really whatever you want to see what type of image will be displayed. Most of the software that I’ve seen online requires very descriptive text and in some instances a code-like structure.


I’ve recently run into a deep learning program called DALL·E. I don’t want to get into the technical side of the user interface but would like to show you how the website works so that you can create your own images. I completed a lot of image search “prompts” and will show you some of my most unique unexpected results. In one of my first searches, I typed the prompt “what a home looks like 200 years in the future” into the search bar. Below are the results of that search. I chose one photo that I liked out of the group and clicked on it. You can save an individual picture to your collection with the save option or you can download the photo. To download click on the edit button to get to the edit screen. You’ll see a download button in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Click it to start the download process.

Van Gogh Prompt

I started getting curious about what the request for a painting of an image would look like. More specifically, a painting by Van Gogh. The prompt that I used for my next image search was “Van Gogh painting of Bart Simpson.” I was really surprised with the results. The results came as a surprise to me. All of the photos look unique and in a similar style to that of a Van Gogh piece of art. I chose my favorite image of the bunch, which can be found below.

Leonardo da Vinci Prompt

My next prompt is pretty interesting. My goal was to try to have the AI create some mock plans for an invention of the 20th century. I entered “Leonardo da Vinci design of a beer bong” into the search bar. Get a load of the results that I received. Instead of plans for an invention, the algorithm gave me actual inventions. I chose the image below as my favorite from this search because it actually looks like it could have been an invention from Da Vinci’s time.

Other Prompts

Another prompt that I used was “a first-grader drawing of a fish.” I expected the results. Do you know what’s crazy about this AI image generator? I’m not sure if these are actually 1st graders’ works of art or if the AI is creating the works. Below is my favorite fish picture of the set. Okay, this next prompt may be more controversial. My prompt in the search bar this time was “painting of Jesus Christ smoking.” I liked the below image the most because it seems to be the clearest. I just watched a documentary on Henry VIII and I wondered how clear the realistic image of a historical figure would come out. I entered “realistic photo of Henry VIII skateboarding” and below are the image options that I had to choose from. The most humorous image from this batch is below.

Salvador Dali Prompt

In this last search, I typed in “Salvador Dali painting of a spaceship” in the search bar and end up with the following results below. It’s interesting to see the AI try to imitate Salvador Dali’s style. Last but not least, my favorite of the spaceship images. While I posted by best searches in this article you should know that these are only 33% of my actual search results. Many of my searches showed an abundance of standard photos that I could have easily found on an internet search engine. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. © 2022 Joshua Crowder

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