Uploaded to TikTok by video creator @wendy_tn_2.0, the clip evokes some comments from observers. “That was perfect,” observes commenter @ryno521. “Couldn’t have asked for more perfect of a fall than that,” writes @wesleycoker5. “Sad to see those old silos go,” says @.just_visiting. “I’ve never see one come down like that before,” recalls @auggy72. Video viewer @yonewdaddy01 confesses, “That was so oddly satisfying.” “Austin Powers going down the nonexistent stairs behind the couch,” is what @mrwhitethunder55 compares this with. “It reminds me of the videos of the people falling and running,” says @jonathanharby706, “trying to catch themselves from the fall until the fall catches up with them.” User @jburton120 has a unique take on the video, saying, “I’ve never seen a silo moonwalk.” Recommended for you

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