That’s thanks to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of South Park, who have a new web series on YouTube (that might receive a second season) called Sassy Justice. A film version, called Deep Fake: The Movie, was reportedly in the works but was halted by the coronovirus pandemic. Stone hasn’t ruled the film out, however, and has referred to its status as “sort of on hold,” according to Collider.  These are some of the highest-quality deepfakes we’ve ever seen, and what they’re being used for is just priceless.


In Sassy Justice, shared by Deepfakes Education on TikTok, the characters are original in their disposition and tone, but are deepfakes of existing public figures, namely political figures and powerful people, including Al Gore and Mark Zuckerberg in addition to Trump. The premise of the YouTube show is that it’s broadcasting programming from a local news station, airing some of the most absurd segments of “news” ever conceived. If you’re a fan of Trey Park and Matt Stone’s work before and since South Park, chances are you’ll like this quite a bit. “No thanks … reality is already a dark comedy…. I don’t need it pushed farther,” one commenter said, which … fair point. “This is the best thing to come out of my hometown,” another commenter said, referring to the fact that the Sassy Justice show takes place in Cheyenne, Wyoming. “This is going to be my new favorite thing I think,” another commenter said.” Thanks for this!!” With that in mind, we seriously hope to get a second season soon, though managing South Park is surely already a massive endeavor.