Uploaded to TikTok by user @brodiethatdood, watch the video below to see what hilarious thing the dog does that draws attention to himself.


User @nmikewetrus suggests that the dog, Brodie, was really saying, “Hurry up, boy! These people are out here filming me!” “He’s saying, ‘Stranger danger!’” suggests @nursetee72. Viewer of the video @lismadit comments on “the way he knows how to sit with his arm out the window.” “That dog was a child in his past life,” writes @dominiquemastrosimone. “That dog is more human than me,” says @fa11ing_clouds. User @lambros813 says, “I would be afraid somebody would steal him. That would make me crazy.” “He’s like, ‘Come on, you’re taking too long,’” surmises @malissakast. “And this is why my dog has lost his privileges to ride to the store,” explains @cmcnote. Reader @dianedelaz exclaims, “Brodie is a rock star!” “Well, if this isn’t the cutest thing I have ever seen,” writes @tammysoto835. “My goodness, Brodie, you are just the sweetest fur baby.” Video watcher @wawa sums it up like this: “Brodie just has to announce his arrival.” Recommended For You

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