Uploaded by @dashcamlessons, the uproarious clip has naturally encouraged reactions in the comments section. “Second-hand embarrassment through the roof!” exclaims commenter @joeyscungill. “I can just imagine the other guy,” surmises @abramalegria. “Like, okay, I get it!” “I would have to pull over immediately,” says @taylorgangz1. “Yeah, please,” agrees @ahappyjess. “The way I would cry.” “That wasn’t even an option for this dude,” interjects @joewillgo. “He’s blocked in side from side, front to back.” User @texasgirllll_ imagines what the other drivers are thinking. “Them: ‘Bro, it’s not that serious,’” she writes. Video viewer @kaoticwatching thinks about the possibility of “the guy in front with his anxiety attacks.” “I know my boy was red AF,” sympathizes @gigisoicy. “I would literally pull up to their window and apologize,” suggests @whatthefukmaya. Reader @bulldog007272 has a thought about the future. “That person ain’t doing that ever again,” he predicts. Recommended For You

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