Provided by @thegalacticgal, the clip provides a foundation for comments from space enthusiasts. “Sad day,” writes commenter @personaltranscend. “Happy they are still working hard and moving forward making it a safe and successful launch.” “I was so excited,” says @stanzimzalabim.rv. “Well, I hope that September 2 will be better.” “Let’s wait patiently,” suggests @j..ulius. “What makes a launch window?” asks @stplatt. “Why would they not be able to launch earlier if they have the engine problem resolved?” “Because of the position of the moon,” answers @zex983. “Chilling the SLS rocket’s engines before flowing cryogenic liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen through them is a required step before the rocket can launch,” NASA officials said, according to “While three of the engines passed that test, Engine No. 3 did not, despite troubleshooting efforts.” “With NASA unable to launch today, the agency could try for one of at least two back-up days on which to fly Artemis 1 on its mission to the moon,” continues. “If the agency solves the Engine No. 3 issue, it could try to launch again Friday (Sept. 2) or Sept. 5, weather permitting. If NASA cannot launch by Sept. 5, its next launch try would likely be in October, mission managers have said. Launch opportunities are limited by the stage of the moon and lighting conditions upon reentry, among other considerations.” Recommended for you

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