Uploaded by TikTok user @_foxtwo, the clip is the subject of some controversy among viewers. “How low do you think this was?” is the question asked. “Court-martial low,” suggests commenter @weyacht. “Agreed,” remarks @gammills08. “I’m surprised they didn’t get hurt.” “I woke my wife up laughing at this,” answers @scottfarkis. “Thank you, sir.” “Nonetheless fun,” says @goodknight2007. “I did the same thing albeit in a Cobra three feet off the ground at 133 knots along the beaches on the East Coast.” “Only a court-martial under certain conditions,” offers @engineercsm. “One, you don’t request a fly-by and two, the pattern must not be full.” Video viewer @just.aaron.londini has a different way of putting it. “That’s I-am-ready-to-meet-Jesus low,” he writes. According to Air Force Magazine, “The F-16 entered Air Force service in 1978 but has been modified over the years with more powerful engines, radars, self-protection systems, and nearly every munition the Air Force fields.” “With upgrades,” the magazine continues, “F-16s can serve as a numbers-builder in the combat air forces until the 2040s, and it’s not necessary to launch its successor yet.” “We anticipate hundreds of F-16s in active service for decades to come,” meaning into the 2040s, Col. Tim Bailey, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s F-16 program manager, said in a press conference at the Life Cycle Industry Days. Recommended for you

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