Uploaded by TikTok user @txaviationimages, the clip provides commenters with a forum for opinions. “Wow!” exclaims commenter @aaronparker99. “That 360 degree turn was inside the airfield!” “That is not your average pilot,” writes @goob1981. “It’s a she,” says @freedommerchant. “Major ‘Beo’ Wolfe is the current demo pilot.” “Just watched her fly at EAA July 28 and she was amazing,” remarks @redeyefruitfly. “It was showtime!” “F-35 is far easier to fly than normal airplanes,” explains @steinrik. “But this is a 360 degree turn making the pilot weigh 9 times normal weight, plus it’s really hard to breathe!” “Never understood why they play music at an airshow,” confesses @cuomo6590. “They always have to put speakers along the whole flight line,” notes @flyguy1903. “If only they knew we are there for the jet noise.” “I don’t know why, but a jet engine on afterburner is one of the best sounds in the world for me,” proclaims @user4283086732818. “Gives me goosebumps.” Recommended for you

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