Posted by TikTok user @mdh_spartan, the clip elicits responses in the comments section.  “F-22 is the best fighter jet,” writes commenter @beachvibesitb. “It’s a 5th generation.” One user asks how pilots get selected to fly an F-22. “Only the top ten percent of the class get selected for fighters, and you don’t know which jet you’ll get to,” explains @jonsantiag. “Not your choice. So be the best.” “That’s false,” objects @isaiahlopez096. “You you all go through ground training together. best scoring amongst the class get first pick for what aircraft they train for. There will only be so many spots for every platform, and I don’t think you can even get put in an F-22, it’s a legacy aircraft, so F-35 for you.” “That crew chief made so many mistakes and scratched up that canopy,” observes @snowboardbeast8. “I would have an article for that launch.” “I’m floored that an Air National Guard Unit is flying F-22s,” says @scott.dady. “They are responsible for defending the United States,” notes @given_thad. “Why wouldn’t they have them?” User @theydont.fw.ayden sums it all up like this: “My dream,” he writes. Recommended for you

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