Uploaded by @smp_production, this clip understandably sparks some discussion in the comments. “The owner did the right thing. He should have given a warning bump but hey, that’s the Texan in me,” writes commenter @zerocrash56. “Is nobody gonna comment on how fast the homeowner had a weapon ready to be deployed?” asks commenter @johnvanmeter125. “Bravo dude,” he continues. “We should all take notes on this!” “No one said he didn’t do the right thing,” says @shadowtok22. “But you should keep your doors locked.” “Salute to this homeowner protecting his property,” writes @shadowtok22. Viewer of the video @bluedragonnemesis has a different take, with some compassion, if not the same sense of judgment. “The homeowner did exactly what he should,” she surmises. “But I feel like the dude that trespassed on the property seems to need some help. I hope he gets it.” Well, that was a harrowing scene. We would hope that this circumstance is rare, but the reality of the situation should not be lost upon us.  Recommended For You

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