Posted to TikTok by user @anshiraishimylove, commenters are understandably loving this short, little uplifting video clip. “This is so cute, OMG!” writes commenter @tearsofmc. To which the creator of the video replies, “Jaanu approves of this comment.” “OMG, he’s better than me,” says @wow22120. “He’s better than me, too,” writes @anshiraishimylove. “He forgot he was a cat for a second there,” surmises @jbabefromtheblock15. “It’s giving secret life of pets.” “He’s such a pro!” announces @ranpocomfort. “I love your cat!” exclaims @b.xba.tea. “I wish my cat was like that,” writes @yourmom_supremancy. Well, like kids, not all cats can be good at all the same things. This one will, for the moment at least, be the feline king of Proseka. Recommended For You

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