If something goes wrong with a new console, it usually takes more than blowing into a cartridge to attempt to resolve the issue (if you know, you know). The Playstation 5 has a very elaborate setup and would require some impressive expertise to repair a broken unit. TikTok user @espyrepairco shows what it takes to fix the popular gaming device.  Commenters had some interesting insights to this video. “I checked my work, and it was atrocious…. literally me,” replied FinalVictoryRoyale. DuckTapeJay inquired, “Is the power supply being faulty a common problem for the PS5?” “I love that you can admit that part of the problem was your own work. Big respect,” noted Mike Blaze Knight. I am not handy, so I give anyone who can repair modern electronics mad props for their skills and ability to work with high-end tech. Working with those tiny parts and microchips requires far more patience and attention to detail than I honestly possess.