While many medical breakthroughs come from years of experimentation and exhaustive research, some look like they’ve been created from more unorthodox methods. However, don’t judge a book by its cover - sometimes the most effective solutions come from the most unexpected sources. TikTok user @easywheezycovergirll shows us a device that can supposedly combat motion sickness. Hopefully it does because I don’t think anyone wants to wear this as a fashion accessory. For those who struggle with motion sickness, or know someone who does, this could be a game changer. This means easier car rides, more road trips, reducing problems related to work and travel, and improved quality of life. Likely, they won’t care if it looks like something won at a carnival or boardwalk arcade.  Some commenters were skeptical of the goggles, but others assured that they work. “I HAVE THE SAME ONES, THEY DO WORK. I WAS ABLE TO DO HOMEWORK ON A 4 HOUR BUS RIDE WITHOUT PUKING,” wrote user5087833958259. Some did acknowledge the goggles have received mixed reviews, as Susan claimed, “My friends thought I was dressed up for the minions movie.” “For REAL. Like maybe a little more time in the design stage,” noted Nikki Swango.