While we are fortunate to have many great museums in the United States, the history and confluence of cultures in Europe make visits to those museums extra special. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is one of the gems in Eastern Europe along the Danube. In addition to the historical buildings the city offers, TikTok user @zitaprekop_traveldiary shows a fascinating destination devoted to some immersive and phenomenal art.  I would love to visit a museum like this with a more active engagement of guests through exhibits versus looking at static paintings or sculptures. These images are incredible to behold and interact with, at a technological and a visceral level. This certainly seems worth the investment of time and money, providing a unique experience to visitors. Commenters in many languages offered their input on this video. “So many things to do there; bloody hell,” remarked James Simpson. Kismaszi offered, “was so good! I have videos uploaded.” “Is it for a period of time or always there?” asked nicotelia.