What happened at an Edmonton Oilers game is not just technical wizardry but a commitment to entertainment, unorthodox or otherwise, by the game day staff at Rogers Place. As TikTok user @siobhancatherine shows, they did a lot of work to get some other “stars” on the jumbotron besides Connor McDavid and those on the ice.  The reactions to the videos are just precious. “Bruce dern guy has the exact same emotional bandwidth as Bruce dern”, remarked aehndieh. Layanne Wilder claimed, “Starlor and Waldrof are the best.” Oom asked, “why are these ones actually so accurate?” For all the attention on these “stunning announcements”, it’s remarkable to see how calm and non-plus the fans react. Western Canada is known for hard-working but big-hearted people who love their hockey. Besides, it’s early in the season. We’ll see more reaction once we get to the postseason, especially if they face the rival Calgary Flames.