Security camera footage caught the incident on tape and it was posted to TikTok by @failarmy in this must-see video.


A few folks in the comments seem a little conflicted or guilted about finding this funny. “She is a much better person than I am because I wouldn’t have been able to stop laughing,” says one. Another: “I’m so mad at my damn self for laughing when Babe is clearly NOT OKAY.” “Am I mean for laughing this first time then feeling bad after he started crying?” asks a viewer of the video. One commenter has a bit of a morbid sense of humor. “My wife would have just kept driving away, hoping I was dead when she got back,” he says. “That garage door wanted revenge for something. Sheesh, the timing,” writes a TikTok user. “That’s why I like being short,” quips a commenter. This person seems to be a bit of a romantic: “At least he knows his girl loves ’em. She was on point.” Recommended for you

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