While most users love their devices and take care as best as they can, there are still some areas of concern or frustration. Some of these concerns center around how long it takes for a computer to start up, which has led many to not turn off their devices after usage, for fear a reboot may take too long. TikTok user @imaeternal has apparently designed a setup that avoids this issue. This is a pretty elaborate setup being displayed and if it takes that little time to boot all those connected devices, color me impressed. Some people are scared to shut off their desktops or laptops at night because it can take so long to get going in the morning. I wouldn’t even know where to start with attempting to recreate this level of responsiveness.  Commenters were divided on this video, with some claiming their devices booted up quickly as well, while others wanted to know more about the setup. dennis asked, “can you show how you made the button turn on your pc?” “Bro the switch you use to trim on the pc is amazing,” remarked Nobody. ThatKurdishMapper noted, “No one talking about the spinning floating headphones in the background?”