It is interesting to see how robots have developed in different settings and how they can vary. Robots used in military operations have different purposes from those working in academic labs or industrial factories, so they may have different features or capabilities. As TikTok user @tech_3c_tech shows us, it seems robots even have some particular abilities based on where they’ve been built.  This provides some really interesting perspective on the priorities and focal points of robotics researchers in different countries. All the examples shown are incredible representations of technology and the work done by the respective researchers. Am I somewhat proud as an American that the robots developed in the US did tandem backflips in unison? Maybe. Commenters on this video shared some interesting perspectives on these robots. “I love how you never see the Russian bot actually do anything,” noted SarahConnor1992. engserv2 reminded, “Cool. But be careful what you wish for. Have you watched Terminator 2? Don’t lose the remote.” “I think Boston Dynamics is a little ahead of the game,” remarked Ernie Johnson.