The increased dependence on drones has led to the continued development of better models, both for professional and recreational usage. That requires more capabilities, larger flying ranges, and more control over longer distances, otherwise that’s a major investment to retrieve when it’s lost. It looks like TikTok user @nasdaily has an incredible prototype in the works that could truly change the game.  This is one of the most impressive devices I’ve seen, across all fields, and this is truly an engineering miracle. Being able to put all these components to create these capacities, and MAKE IT ALL FLY, is quite a feat. This could be the next step in drone technology and whoever can patent and manufacture this will likely make a lot of money.  While some commenters raised concerns about how this new drone can be used, others were simply blown away by the potential. Troy replied, “That’s cool congratulations to the creators of it. You guys are geniuses.” “Just give me an Xbox controller,” demands GeoPanama. KINGTYGA HIMSELF OFFICIAL applauded, “I love your work bro you so creative salute.”