We’ll get to some comments after the video, but let’s take a look at what TikTok user @tech has posted for us to marvel at. Check out how it moves.


One commenter says succinctly, “Need one.” Another is looking at how this affects life choices: “Now you gotta choose powering that or buying food for the week,” he says. “Any real gamer knows that u sometimes only have a short time to run to the bathroom and that thing moves sooooo slow,” writes one with a sense of practicality. One viewer of the video seems concerned about how much money this sort of thing would set him back: “You won’t be able to use it… You’re gonna need that time to pay back the loan you need for this,” he surmises. Whatever your reaction to this extravagant piece of furniture, you have to admit it would be a fun addition to show off in your gaming space. Recommended for you

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