It seems that these coders are like modern-day mystics, performing their magical arts often alone at their desks, locked in with their headsets, energy drinks, and unique brilliance. How they keep cranking out those lines of code and type through calamities continue to wow us all. This video shared by TikTok user @misodope shows us that even in the face of disaster, they can shift and conquer.  While there are some videos where I cannot relate to the scenario, this one I cannot avoid - I turn off the sound of the TV when I have to focus on writing (like right now). There’s a mindset needed to match the gravitas and difficulty of certain work situations, no matter the field. Commenters understand the struggle portrayed. WakeUpandRelax replied, “It’s like lowering the volume when you’re trying to find the street to turn on.” “People think coding is all keyboard, but in reality I’ve spent 6 hours reading code and typing 6 characters to solve an issue,” explained Joseph Jewell. Hunts chimed in, “then you realize that it has taken 7 hours but u thinks it’s just a while.”