We got a look at three options offered by all-purpose manufacturer 3M, thanks to TikTok creator @braincraft. She showed three new products that can reduce waste and help energy efficiency displayed at Climate Week. They all show great potential! These are all terrific examples of small changes that can have a big impact without having to sacrifice modern conveniences. User 2Na said “I gotta get me some of that packing thingy!” Other commenters were doing a double take on the creator. “I thought it was Karla Kush,” noted Mark, while paulstanton929 remarked, “Hi Tina Fey.” We’re seeing a lot of similar innovation across the many fields of manufacturing and consumer goods. Roofing products like the ones featured have gotten more attention since they can do a lot to reduce energy usage, especially in warmer climates and major cities. Sustainability has become a major factor in new construction and attempting to upgrade existing homes and other buildings. Offering customers alternative products like the less bulky recycled paper can help reduce personal pollution and promote better habits.