As the calendar winds down, people will be looking for options to put them in the holiday spirit while they put up decorations or, let’s be honest, continue to work from home. Some people will find music playlists, while others will want to watch movies they’ve loved over the years. It appears TikTok user @alissahurley_realtor has found a solid option for those who want more Christmas movies. For professional reasons, I downloaded the channel from the Roku store and the offerings seem intriguing. While many of the titles are lesser known, they have some marquee movies like Bill Murray’s “Scrooged” and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” They also have some longer music playlists and some traditional Yule logs to help set the mood at any gathering.  Commenters are feeling merry from this find. “Omggg thank you I was wondering if they had a channel, I could watch all my favorite Christmas movies,” replied nicolehedge05. Princess Debbie Macks noted, “It worked on my fire stick.” “I ain’t never grabbed my remote so fast in my life,” admitted Rylee Utter.