Social media interactions, namely the Facebook account “wall”, derived from the real-life whiteboards on most dorm room doors where someone could leave a message (this is what happened before everyone texted). For non-personal accounts, like brands and fan pages, tracking interactions is becoming an increasingly significant portion of social media strategy, often used to determine efficacy of a campaign. TikTok user @vnxbydl shows us a quick way to keep tabs on profile page visitors that will help in these findings.  As a social media professional, this seems like a major auxiliary tool in helping target audiences most efficiently receive a tailored message or track the shifts in marketing. Knowing who visits your page gives a distinct perspective, similar to what LinkedIn offers for users who see profile views and can use that information to help in professional pursuits. Yes, there are services that track profile metrics, but this could offer more granular and beneficial analysis. Commenters raised some interesting questions and concerns from this trick. Natty_Lovesu confessed, “DONT SCARE ME LIKE THAT!!!! I BEEN STALKING MY EX’S GF.” “Is it just views or does it tell you who viewed?” asked Justanothertiktok04. racheepie responded, “When I tell you I jumped up.”