When asked “what’s it like to work for Disney?” the answers will certainly vary. Animators working in the California studios have a different routine and responsibilities than the veterinarians who care for the different animals at the parks in Florida. Luckily, TikTok user @xtineseo gave us a chance to follow her for a day as a product designer and see what’s it’s like working for Mickey Mouse. Commenters showed their desire to join the poster at Disney. jasane replied, “Omg I want to work for Disney so bad, do you give referrals?” “Oh wow! That’s awesome! cool flex,” mentioned Marcede Sh’Rea. suh-leen recalled, “I went to the summit! it was really cool in-person — def recc going next year!!” My significant other has worked for Disney in the past in different capacities, so she proudly identifies as a “former cast member.” It is really cool to see someone their work routine, especially in a field like product design that gets a lot of attention but is trickier to explain. That thread of creativity that follows Disney’s history, from a simple animation studio to the global power of today, runs through this talented individual.