While so much of the modern world has its roots in events 30-plus years ago, it can be difficult to truly capture what life was like in those times. Older movies and TV shows do their part, while nostalgia projects like Stranger Things come close to capturing the spirit, they still leave many questions unanswered. However, this TikTok posted by @mallofamanda give a good glimpse into true everyday life. I have no idea why anyone would post this to social media, but this is like opening a time capsule from that decade. Silver boom box, pop intro, awkward dancing, and that HAIR, just all cringey memories from the past. Don’t laugh if you weren’t alive back then - all those videos you make today will age just like this one.  Commenters got in the way-back machine with this video. Joy Wallace recalled, “Hours were spent in my room making up dances to songs taped off the radio. Good times.” “It’s not just her. As it turns out, we were all really awkward back then,” acknowledged robertlehman835. Queen Caramel Swirl suggested, “This needs to have a duet with a modern teen dancing to see the full scope of what technology has done.”