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First, this is not any old piece of furniture. This is not a couch or a recliner or a bed. It is a delicate musical instrument that requires extra care.  When moving regular furniture, the challenges besides the heavy lifting are usually things like whether the large objects will fit through doors and hallways. But a small slip or even a fall for these objects most of the time will not result in any real damage or expensive repairs. But a piano is no regular piece of furniture. It is an intricate and complex musical instrument. Added to the usual challenges of moving large pieces of furniture when moving a piano is the absolutely essential need for the utmost of great care. And the only real way to ensure this is to take the job seriously enough to have a team of people involved, not just for lifting but also for guiding and for attention to the smallest of details.  As this man discovers the hard way, it’s simply not a one-man job. Recommended For You

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