Technology has changed many everyday devices we used in fairly drastic ways over a handful of years, creating new experiences we never expected in the past. Conversely, trying to use something outdated can be either an exercise in futility or a reminder of how much we rely on and should appreciate what we have today. TikTok user @cameranostalgiaclub gives an example with a common device that has been a part of family memories for generations.  Commenters had some really interesting responses to this video. Leo TheGod claimed, “This reminds me of the back rooms found footage videos for some reason and I find it unsettling.” “Yo why is my hair turning grey and my skin getting old,” asked THEPOWERCYBORG. Perez suggested, “Early YouTube and a lot of people’s videos on MySpace and Facebook lmao.” It is striking to see video shot on a device over a decade old and compare it the quality of what appears from a cell phone camera. Phones shot pictures back then too, but they came out grainy and looked rather primitive. Sometimes I do wish we could come up with a more comfortable way to hold our phones besides the “selfie stick” because that strap was a lifesaver to so many.