This time, we’ve got an almost impeccable deepfake of the character Eddie Munson from the show, played by Joseph Quinn … deepfaked by this guy. The rendition is honestly incredible, and it has already fooled quite a few viewers.


Thanks to Jesse Richards for yet another insanely accurate deepfake video … aided by his choice of t-shirt and wig. It’s not exactly 1:1, but it’s absurdly close to us. Richards’s editing is also a lot of fun to watch and quite well done. Here’s how the viewers have responded to his incredibly solid deepfake. “That scared me so bad for a second,” one commenter said. “For a sec I thought it was actually him,” another viewer commented. Another said, “don’t scare me like that,” while yet another commenter chimed in with, “I actually thought it was him.” Quite a few viewers echoed the sentiment that they were initially fooled by the deepfake, which is quite impressive on the technology and the TikToker’s parts. And finally, our favorite reply to the video: “Bro, it’s all computers.” The comment is made with such confidence — as if we all thought it was magic making this man’s face look like someone else rather than tech. At any rate, it’s a freakishly effective technology already.