As it turns out, it’s not nearly as glamorous for this Toyota SUV, which experiences quite the cliff-hanger while trying to traverse up the side of a mountain. Will the car make it out of this off-road jam?


Unfortunately, even by the end of the video posted by an account known simply as Electric Cars on TikTok, we’re still not sure whether this SUV made it out unscathed. It’s unclear exactly why this SUV is climbing up a mountain with a number of men standing by, but what we do know is that they’re quite high up on the mountain. There’s a good amount of mountain to fall down even from there, it seems. Here’s how the viewers are taking the video in. “I might have some doubts about professionals performing or supervising this hill climb,” one commenter joked. “Scream louder! It helps,” another commenter joked. This commenter raised a good point in posting, “What the hell? Doing off-roading with those tyres? Come on.” Unfortunately, as so many have asked, there is currently no second part to this video, which truly makes this a cliff-hanger.