Posted by @crimeoncamera, there is no shortage of comments about this footage. “Stupidly bold,” writes commenter @fifthbabydaddy. “Bro, why take any type of ID to a robbery?” asks @rivasgom. “Can’t rob without your burglar license,” jokes @rivasgom. “That’s illegal.” “I’m guessing it’s his first time doing this,” suggests @marthafg34. “Buddy, LOL,” says @pureblood_leo. “Imagine the audacity.” “In California, this makes perfect sense,” writes @mrhero215. “And I’m shocked the owner didn’t give it back after giving him a warm meal and a mail-in ballot.” “Wow!” exclaims user @the_new_me2. “Like the home owner is suppose to say, ‘Oh here you go.’” “OMG,” writes @cardonecucinacharlotte. “The absolute nerve.” “OK,” notes @icanchangethislater_. “But he already robbed the place. He should know his way around.” Recommended For You

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