Uploaded to TikTok by user @hottytoddy58, the video has generated some reaction from viewers in the comments. “And five police officers next block over are harassing kids on a skateboard,” surmises commenter @peterose54. “The employee probably got fired for that, too,” suggests @nobodysfool1992. User @tiffanitis agrees, and adds an explanation. “Because if he’s not security then he’s not allowed to chase down a person out of the store,” she explains. “He should get to keep it, since it got taken out of the store,” says @wavyfolio. “Parting gift.” “I’m that employee that just watches them steal cause I’m not paid enough to care about a big corporation losing money,” admits @gonzino. User @madpennfoodchannel sums up the incident this way. “I don’t think the thief thought this through,” he writes. Also check out these videos, recommended for you

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