Uploaded by user @usnavelfighterjets, the clip entertains a whole lot of viewers who seem eager to share their reactions. “My life would be complete if I was there,” writes commenter @itsasabatage98. “So freaking awesome!” “Love it!” exclaims @lorrainewilson665. “I would have fallen out of the boat.” “Wow,” says @swisslad12. “Did someone get that license plate?” “That never gets old,” remarks @bobbelanger0. “OMG, what a sound,” observes @metoo.2022. “It’s amazing how you don’t hear it until it passes,” writes @dandj7208. “Just below mach speed.” The opportunity for spectators to view the Blue Angels in action is entertaining, certainly, but it is also is a chance for the curious to learn something about aviation. “We have the unique ability to highlight the importance of naval aviation while honoring its historical significance,” say the Blue Angels. “We proudly represent the heritage, agility, flexibility, resilience, and significance of naval aviation to 21st-century warfighting.” “It is a privilege to perform for you and humbling to represent our fellow service members,” the statement continues. “We sincerely hope that whether this is the first, second, or 76th year you have seen us fly, the sight and sound of a Blue Angels performance delivers pride in your defense forces, exhilaration, an appreciation for teamwork, and the inspiration to achieve excellence.” Recommended for you

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