Uploaded to TikTok by user @unknownuserx001, the clip has elicited a number of remarks in the comments section. “Most beautiful video I’ve ever seen!” exclaims @athenazi63. “This was actually a cool race,” writes @vitek__scropy. “But you have no chance against a fighter jet flying much faster.” “I love the do-not-attempt warnings, haha!” laughs @jolucaheo. Commenter @cheryldavies1666 agrees. “‘The actions are performed by professionals,’” she notes the video as saying. “I’m going to find an F-35 to race against with my nonexistent McLaren.” “Gosh, that was amazing!” says @dyabel1. “I got such a high, I couldn’t stop laughing!” “Loved this episode and got chills watching it again,” writes @zuzanna8923. “Just wow!” “This guy has one sick story to tell his kids,” surmises @caesarthyknight. Recommended for you

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