TikTok user @omgjohal uploaded the clip and has set up some reaction from Internet video viewers. “Sometimes the best trick is a life lesson,” writes commenter @omgjohal. “I like how they get mad but they were the one trying to steal it,” writes @_anime_fan___1. Reader @tapout902 says, “It’s the best thing I’ve seen today!” “That should teach him not to covet they neighbors things,” writes @rosahernandez9086. “Period. Good joke.” “LMAO,” remarks @kathleenrodrigue912. “That’s what happens when you touch something that is not yours.” User @jeremyboulerice offers up an even more sinister suggestion. “Put glue on the handlebars next time,” he says. “All fun and games until someone has a pacemaker,” surmises @1f923. “You should put it on the seat next time,” writes @ryan10878. “This should be a lesson to leave people’s stuff alone,” comments @jrocc205. “He deserved it.” Recommended For You

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