Posted by @thepersonudontknowyet, the clip provides some fodder for comments on the Internet. “Bad line, good pilot,” writes commenter @evrhett. “If anyone is confused, when planes or jets land on carriers it’s required for them to go full throttle when hooked just in case that happens,” explains @ps_rippum. “So they can recover easier.” “He did that,” replies @zaideykunquandeldingle. “The cable slowed him down too, and it was a lost stop, but it was loose, making him go over.” “Yeah, I know,” continues @ps_rippum. “I commented that for the people wondering how they can avoid it.” “Full mixture props and throttle, gear up flaps up, don’t stall, that’s the gist of it,” writes @dr_aviator_md. Video viewer @quotes_to_remeber sums it up with this: “Give that man a promotion,” he says. Recommended for you

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