That’s right, these servicemen are laying on their backs within a sort of recess on the deck of an aircraft carrier, watching a special jet take off mere feet above them. However, there’s something weird about this jet — actually two things.


Did you see how those propellers seemed to be acting strangely? That’s likely to do with the limited frame rate of the camera recording the video that cannot keep up with the rotation of the propeller blades, which causes that illusion in the TikTok posted by 9zyzjse. Now for the second thing, that weird dish or plate sitting on top of the jet. That’s actually a radio communications dish, because this is an E-2 Hawkeye. This specialized aircraft is designed to carry out and bolster strategic commands across an entire fleet of air and/or sea forces. “An integral component of the Carrier Strike Group air wing,” reads a description from the US Navy, “the E-2 uses computerized radar, Identification Friend or Foe and electronic surveillance sensors to provide early warning, threat analysis against potentially hostile air and surface targets.” Funnily enough, the E-2 Hawkeye class of US naval jets has been around since 1964, with the most recent revision to the design occurring in 2014.