Check out what that is in this video posted by TikTok user @jakehunterofficial.


“You should’ve just revved it,” suggests a commenter. “If she did this to the wrong person,” another writes. “She’d be in trouble.” One observes the method the driver uses as he “Just casually wipes it off.” “Oh no, not water!” writes a viewer of the video. One reader simply points out that the driver got a “free car wash.” “Did anyone notice this is the same Karen from some other videos?” one asks, seeming to think he recognizes the woman in the clip. “‘Thanks for cleaning my windshield’” a user quotes the driver. “I’m dying.” “Aw, how nice of her,” another says. We post this video because we believe the driver played this pretty calmly. It’s important for one to keep one’s cool when encountering people that are behaving irrationally. Recommended for you

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